Monday, October 1, 2007

casting a wide net

For the first time, I used sitemeter to view the site hits for this blog. I only set that up a week ago, so the hits are recent only, but the range of locales is surprising. I'm bigger in India than I ever would have imagined. I can guess by some of the locations which of my friends are the likely culprit (Eric, you are spending wayyyyyyy too much time reading this blog). But some of these just have no explanation, other than Bloggers "Next Blog" button.

Here's a list of hit locations (for hits that lasted longer than 0.00 seconds, which were many, unfortunately).

Bombay, India
Brooklyn, NY (USA)
Cambridge, UK
Haifa, Israel
Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)
Hyderabad, India
Kinards, SC (USA)
Krakw, Poland
Leuven, Belgium
Mamers, NC (USA)
Melbourne, Australia
New York, NY (USA)
Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
Saint Paul, MN (USA)
San Diego, California (USA)
Seattle, Washington (USA)
Sunnyvale, CA (USA)
Tokyo, Japan
Tulsa, OK (USA)
Woking, UK


Charlotte said...

Is it possible that the servers are located in India, not the people reading it ;-)

Chris said...

Well, thanks for bursting my bubble, Chazz ;p

I choose to believe that bunch of cute Indian gals are lurking around The Lousy Linguists site, hehe.

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