Saturday, October 27, 2007

What I Love About Buffalo

Given my sad post below on Buffalo’s failed renewal, I thought it only fair to make it clear that there are some things about Buffalo that I love, quite dearly.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Buffalo Film Seminars

The Buffalo Film Seminars take place Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. promptly at the Market Arcade Film and Arts Center in downtown Buffalo, the only eight-screen publicly-owned film theater in the United States.

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center
Irish Classical Theatre

Located in the heart of Buffalo's thriving Theatre District, Irish Classical Theatre Company (ICTC) is Western New York's premier stage for the greatest works of dramatic literature.

Allen Street Hardware Cafe
Bistro Europa

Bill Rapaport's Buffalo Restaurant Guide
La Tee Da


"In the end it is easier to experience Allentown than to describe it"

Elmwood Neighborhood

Elmwood Village Named One of 10 Great Neighborhoods in America

Hertel Avenue

SUNY Buffalo Linguistics Department

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agnes said...

You forgot to mention Amy's Place on Main Street and that summer art fest every August. :-)

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