Saturday, December 15, 2007


Okay, like most straight men over 30, I’m in love with Sarah Chalke from Scrubs. A big part of the infatuation comes from the way she says “frik!”.

In this one minute YouTube of Elliot Reid moments, there are a couple of nice examples of “frik” (included a precious “double frik”) near the end

In my non-blog, non-professional life, I swear like a drunken sailor (always have, always will). I love cursing and make no apologies for it. Given my comfort with, even preference for, all breeds of vile, contemptuous speech, I am surprised to find myself taken with a special fondness for the euphemism “frik” and its variants. But I love it.

frikkin -- 638,000 Google hits. The Urban Dictionary's def:

In between "fuckin" and "effin". A term used in the classroom or where your not allowed to cuss.

friggin -- 669,000 Google hits. The Urban Dictonary's def:

A word used by cowards who are too afraid to say "fucking"

299,000 for freekin
18,300,000 for freakin
3,870,000 for frickin

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