Friday, December 7, 2007

Killer App!

Finally, someone has found a way to make automatic speech transcription USEFUL!

Robot to Replace Professional Bloggers: NEC's PaPeRo is Programmed to Listen and Blog!

By Mark Rollins (march 2007)

…the PaPeRo looks like a cute anime critter that apparently you are supposed to be comfortable having a chat with. That's right. You interface with the PaPeRo via conversation, and you tell it about your day, just like you would write in your blog. The PaPeRo then processes your conversation by searching for keywords. It surfs the net for you, and finds you the appropriate video and audio images that you would use for a blog entry.

1 comment:

Jason M. Adams said...

Ah but has someone managed to make automatic speech transcription accurate? I'd love to see some of the blogs it makes for 13 year old girls listening to Britney Spears in the background.

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