Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Destruction of Turkey by Chomsky

It appears something strange and vaguely troubling has been going on in Turkey these last few days. After reviewing my Sitemeter data, it seems I have had no fewer than eight hits in two days from Turks Googling "innateness hypothesis". Is there a conference going on, or are Turks just wild about dated linguistic assumptions? My thoughts on the topic can be found here.

I'm not exactly sure how accurate Sitemeter's location information is, but I see 5 different Turkish locations, some with multiple hits.

Mustafa, Hatay
Trk, Burdur
Bilgi, Van
Mersin, Icel

BTW: You REALLY gotta be a linguist to get my post title, don't you? For the interested observer, one could do worse than read this (PDF).

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