Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tigrigna Blog and Resources

I just discovered a blog by a student of the language Tigrinya Qeyḥ bāḥrī.

From his site,

Being from a small city in Canada (Halifax, Nova Scotia) I found it very difficult to learn the mother tongue of my parents, as there are few resources availible from which I can learn. So, I decided to create a resource for myself, somewhere I could collect everything I know about the language and use it at my leisure. I thought about using my limited knowledge on HTML to create a webpage, that way I could have easy access to my work wherever I go.

And from Ethnologue

Tigrigna -- A language of Ethiopia

Population -- 3,224,875 in Ethiopia (1998 census). 2,819,755 monolinguals.
Region Tigray Province. Also spoken in Eritrea, Germany, Israel.

Alternate names -- Tigrinya, Tigray
Classification -- Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, South, Ethiopian, North
Language use -- National language. 146,933 second-language speakers.
Language development -- Literacy rate in first language: 1% to 10%. Literacy rate in second language: 26.5%. Ethiopic script. Radio programs. Grammar. Bible: 1956.
Comments -- Speakers are called 'Tigrai'.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the exposure, now I feel a bit special and somewhat famous. :) Later,


Chris said...

Cool boots. Hope it goes well.

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