Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"LingPipe, I hate you"

Actually, no, I do not hate LingPipe. But someone does. It is the entertaining aspect of Sitemeter that led me to this discovery.

Occasionally I check my Sitemeter page view details because it's comforting to see that people actually do read my blog (even if y'all don't comment, thpppt!) . But far more entertainment value is gained from the information about how someone came to my site. I can see what search words brought someone here. I've been collecting some of the more amusing ones and I've been meaning to post about it, but today I discovered someone had gotten to my blog by searching Google for, and I quote, "lingpipe ihate you".

I don't know what deviltry the evil duo at LingPipe is up to, but they appear to have made an enemy.


Jason M. Adams said...

You got me beat. The best I can pull from the past couple days is "valentine gift ideas for your advisor phd." Which makes you wonder a) why is someone searching for Valentine's Day gifts in April and b) what sort of relationship do they have with their advisor? Is this a romantic gift or what?

"Hi, um, here's my draft.. Oh and a box of chocolates!"

Chris said...

It's equally interesting that this person appears to believe there is a difference between gift ideas for advisers at the phd level and others. You'd give chocolate's to a Master's adviser, but never a teddy bear.

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