Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Bollywood Bistro"

UB's campus cuisine took a massive step forward this semester when we finally got an on-campus Indian restaurant (more than a decade after the great influx of Indian grad students would have made it an obvious trend). It's classic UB to finally allow a restaurant that caters to vegetarians only when I'm finishing, never to be a student here again.

But it's the name that really caught my eye: Bollywood Bistro. It's a great multi-cultural blend of the classic French bistro, paragon of 20th century Euro-cuisine (where bland is a compliment), refashioned by the post-colonial vibrance of the 21st century's most diverse culture/s. The term "Bollywood" itself screams to be unpacked (a blend of "Bombay" and "Hollywood"). How could I not make this a regular lunch spot, even as the University's lungs spew its breathy deadline down my neck.


Suneeta said...

This place, the food, a seat by the window, & some bollywood tunes in the back, add up to make a good dish.Not to step on any feet but these people will be catering for my wedding and my son's and our second wives wedding with their third husbands after us..haha...jokh ! They are that good e.g. Kabab and Kofta (turkey never tasted so good)...yum..also try white chick peas with pu'ree and pickle....instant andorphin orgasms...thus creating the need for more food and weddings..jokh..again could be the romantic indian songs playin in back.. but likely not...because i dont feel like that at Burger King ! that makes me search the web for adult diapers...therefore, another plus is the septic treatment of the food.

Chris said...

Glad to hear it's still opened!

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