Friday, August 1, 2008

Dissin' Linguists

(screen shot above from Inside

Oh this is a fitting follow up to my last post. Today, Mankiw posted The Cost of Being PC , regarding a ranking of academic disciplines based on how politically correct they are (PC = "the belief that gender gaps in math and science fields are largely due to discrimination..."

The full ranking is here.

And the big kicker? Linguistics ain't even listed. That's right! Glossed right over, like we don't exist. But they listed Art ... and frikkin Communication! Communication!?! Frikkin Communication!


Jason M. Adams said...

Ahh, Communication, field of so many football players on scholarship. Is it good to be high or low on that list? If Ling were high on that list, then where would computational linguists fall? Dead middle?

Chris said...

Hehe, I was a football player in college, but I wasn't on scholarship, so I'll give myself a pass.

It seems to me that being neutral wrt to PC issue should put any feild in the middle merely as a default. I get thew impression that the low PC fields like economics explicitly reject the PC claim.

Caravaggio said...
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Caravaggio said...
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Caravaggio said...

Dude, if you can't spell "field," it's obvious why you didn't get a scholarship.

I was an Art History and Theology double-major. Where does that place me on the PC list/

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