Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin's Homeys

(my cell phone pic from WJ Morrissey's Irish pub roughly 9:30pm)

During tonight's Vice Presidential debate, Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin used the term "shout out". I don't have a transcript (yet), but it was something involving a reference to her hometown (see Daily Dish's live-blogging comment here). The Urban Dictionary's top rated definition of "shout out" is this: "A kind mention of a homey."

Straight up righteous, Sarah P., for giving props to your peeps.

(Note: thanks to BuffaloPundit for organizing the debate watching get together)


Jason M. Adams said...

By saying "shout out" she has irrevocably merged herself with Tina Fey's spoof of her. Now if McCain/Palin get elected, we can substitute Tina Fey for Palin, and like Folgers crystals, no one will notice the difference. I think the world would be a better place.

And by better, I mean better than McCain/Palin -- a McCain/Fey government is still ruled by a madman.

Jon-Marc McDonald said...

Well, doggoneit, you betcha she gave a shout out to her peeps. I was like "say it ain't so" and she was like "So"

But cha know, what do I know? I'm just a joe six pack, hockey mom rolled into one who watches my kids play soccer on the sidelines with fear in my voice and thinks the sub-prime mess has something to do with energy.

Chris said...

All they need is to appoint Wilfred Brimley as Secretary of State and Foghorn Leghorn as Secretary of Defense and they'd have an awesome sitcom. Ralph Nader could be the whacky neighbor.

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