Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scooping Language Log

Looks like I've managed to scoop Language Log authors twice in the last couple weeks.
  • Ben Zimmer's Dec 4 NYT's article on the alien language in Avatar here. My Nov 26 post on the same topic here.
  • Chris Potts' Dec 5 LL post on David Foster Wallace's grammar test here. My Dec 4 post on the same topic here.
...pats self on back.


Chris said...

It is fair to point out that I may have mis-used the word scoop. Ben Zimmer had a long lead time with his NYT Magazine article and he spent a great deal of time and effort preparing his article, while I spent a whopping 25 minutes on my post. Blogging software makes going to press easy and fast, and tempting to do so without due diligence. All of us who publish to the global marketplace via the interwebz have an ethical responsibility to consider the impact of our posts.

MikeyC said...

Do you need to be first at everything?

Chris said...

FYI, I have posted a comment on Liberman's LL post regarding this here.

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