Sunday, December 6, 2009

Which One Does Shakira Speak?

I thought I was going to have another Full Liberman on my hands (haven't finished the last one yet) but thankfully the article provocatively titled Do You Know Your 'Love Language'? doesn't really have much at all to do with language, and nothing to do with linguistics. In this case, the word language is used as a metaphor for behaviors associated with personal relationships. It's common to use language in this way, but I'd be happier with, say, the semiotics of love, or something like that.


Rob Van Dam said...

It is "language" as metaphor but it's closer than you imply. They're using language to encompass all the verbal and nonverbal actions that you use to communicate love (and supposedly then the ones you do or don't recognize as expressions of love from your significant other). So it's a superset of language.

Chris said...

true, a superset of language is a nice term too. There are generally "communicative behaviors", which encompasses many many things. Language is a particular kind of communicative behavior. Nice point, thanks!

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