Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Brief History of 'Snowmageddon'

Following a lead from a Facebook response I saw on a friend's comment, I thought I had discovered the origin of the term Snowmageddon from a 1998  2008 storm in Minnesota HERE. However, being a linguist, I decided to follow-up a bit.  Of course, I started with Mark Davies' BYU Corpora, but had no luck discovering the term.  Then I did some Googling/Binging. In fact, the earliest instance of the term I could find comes from that distant year 2007 HERE.  2008 seems to have been a banner year for the term across the whole country. Numerous examples follow:


Mike Hoye said...

One reason 2008 was such a big year for Snowmageddon was that the word was used in a severe-weather warning (later pulled) from Environment Canada that was widely broadcast. "Could this be snowmageddon?" it asked?

Chris said...

Interesting. I also noticed that Seattle figured prominently in the 2008 instances.

Anonymous said...

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MathOughts said...

Your 2007 "Snowmageddon" origins link is not working. Have a better link? Thanks!

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