Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teaching Phonetics

(screen grab from U. Iowa)

A collaboration of several departments at The University of Iowa (but not the Linguistics department, wtf!) has put up a really nice interactive/animated tool for demonstrating the articulatory anatomy of speech sounds in English, German and Spanish.

(HT srabivens on Twitter via #linguistics)


be_slayed said...

I've found this site particularly useful for the one day "crash course" on phonetics I do in my historical linguistics course.

Chris said...

be_slayed, good to know. I like the fact that they have multiple languages available too.

Devon said...

I enjoy that website - would have been helpful for my phonetics exam 2 months ago. I did notice though that ʌ was listed as a central vowel, whereas i'd been taught it was a open mid back vowel. I guess in American English its realized phonetically as a central vowel and phonemically as a back vowel?

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