Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Virtual Linguistics Campus

Via Twitter, I just discovered the University of Marburg's The Virtual Linguistics Campus, a set of online courses covering a wide range of linguistics topics. Basically, a degree in linguistics online, roughly. The costs appear to be quite low too. A 50€ registration fee per term and 30€ per class. You could take 20 classes over 2 years for about 800€. Not bad.

I object to their categorizing psycholinguistics as "Applied Linguistics" but they have a nice set of Language Technology courses and surprisingly, a Project Management course (though it's not clear if it's specific to linguistics projects, though that would be a great class to offer).


Flex said...

This could be a great stepping stone to education. Nowadays, online courses are more customized and flexible allowing us to learn at our own pace.

Jason M. Adams said...

Been thinking about taking a couple classes. Just got an email from them that if you contribute a sound file for their database, you get global access to their e-learning units. Apparently, it's open to anyone/any language. Really awesome way of running an online school.

Chris said...

Jason, that is pretty cool. It's a great way to grow their data too.