Wednesday, January 26, 2011

more jobs for linguists

As the economy continues to grow (Dow over 12,000), so do the non-academic opportunities for linguists. Here's an interesting one for an Analyst in the California* Bay Area :

The Analyst looks for opportunities to improve our Natural Language and Directed-dialog applications using the data logged by them. The Analyst is primarily the responsible team member charged with analyzing the data and making new implementation recommendations [...] Besides analyzing our speech applications and improving our Analytics framework, you will also have the opportunity to carry out independent research, which forms a big part of the success of our speech applications [...]

*living in the metro DC region has taught this Northern California boy that there's more than one "Bay Area."


CoffeeTeaLinguistics said...

Thanks for the share. Do you often see these phonetic-y non-academic jobs when you look around?

Chris said...

Yes, it's the speech recognition/synthesis folks who have traditionally been the leaders in hiring linguists (after the tech bubble killed off the rule-based approach to NE tagging, that is).

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