Thursday, May 3, 2012

That's how you Spiele gewinnt.

It's bloody official, after just one day, I love Google Chrome's Language Immersion extension that translates snippets of text into the language of choice helping you learn the language. I used it to review my last post and it was awesome.

I'm one of the many Americans who studied languages in college but never used them regularly enough to be a confident speaker (German and Mandarin) so I'm oft lamenting that I *should* start studying again. But of course, it never happens. But this language extension make sit bloody easy to have little bit of German interspersed into text, helping me remember vocabulary and bit of syntax.

In the 90s, when I was actively taking German courses, I recall thinking about writing a novel that would start all English then gradually mix in German vocabulary, followed by bit of German syntax, slowly adding m ore and more German and by then end, it would be all German. Bloody Google has done something very similar (why didn't I patent my idea!!!).

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Aldebrn said...

Your idea for a new kind of bilingual novel (especially impactful after reading Cook's research on L2 multi-competence) is really neat! One of my favorite kinds of books are side-by-side texts, and it's wild to imagine someone taking your English-to-German novel and making a German-to-English translation that was published side-by-side on facing pages.

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