Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jobs for linguists - May 2014

California is awash in jobs for linguists this Spring...

Update 5/24/14: Branding and Marketing
Consultant, Verbal Identity

B.A. degree, backgrounds of interest include any verbal-focused or writing intensive field (e.g. Linguistics)
Apply Here

Text Analytics Consultant
Medallia, Inc. - Palo Alto,California
Bachelor'€™s degree
Background in Linguistics
Demonstrated interest in technology
Strong preference for a French or German native speaker
(Not visible on company website, found on LinkedIn, sign in required)
Apply Here

Linguistic Intern
Bosch Group
SF Bay Area
Responsibilities: Support the development of next-generation language products in the areas of speech and language technologies and systems. Support the administration of user studies
Qualifications: Senior undergraduate or graduate students in Applied Linguistics, or related fields
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Analytical Linguist, Ads Human Evaluation
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Product Management
Responsibilities: Direct, monitor, train, and manage the day-to-day work of temporary workers.
Design and implement tests on data and worker quality, analyzing and reporting on the results using Python, XML/CSS, HTML/JavaScript, database queries, and Google-internal technologies.
Work directly with engineers and statisticians to devise and run experiments to answer specific questions about advertising and product quality.
Minimum Qualifications: MA/MS or PhD degree in an analytical field (e.g., Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Statistics, Mathematics), or equivalent practical experience.
Experience with one or more of the following: Python or another scripting language, Java or C++, XML/HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SQL or specialized database query languages and/or specialized analysis software such as Matlab, R, SPSS, STATA, SAS, Praat, or E-Prime.
Experience working with large quantities of data.
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And see my context here

Lexical Resource Manager
M.A. or PhD in Linguistics or related field
Strong background in phonology
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Sara Nelson said...

I am a Linguistics student that is graduating in June with my BA in Applied Linguistics. Does it seem like there are as many degrees for freshly graduated students or are most places looking for graduate students or higher?

Chris said...

Sara, unfortunately for linguistics, I think a graduate degree is a competitive advantage, but that's not to say a BA can't get an entry level job, especially at branding and marketing companies (most of those will be NY/LA/SF). Look at Interbrand, they advertise for linguists all the time:

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