Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Got Yer Deictic Center Right HERE

Hmmm, just wondering if there is anything intellectually interesting about the blogosphere's use of hyper-linked "here" (just like I did here)


Bert Cappelle said...

For a purely prescriptive rather than intellectually interesting view on such deictic hyperlinks, click anywhere on these blue words here, which, if all goes well, will direct you to a distant site where someone writes that links like "Click here" or "This" are the work of the devil.

Chris said...

Bert, interesting reference. I'm familiar with some of chromatic's writings. I take the point about creating descriptively helpful link titles to be fair.

It seems that bloggers want a certain informality or conversational style to their writings, so they like the "here" link. As far as I can tell, it's perfectly interpretable and no one has a problem with it. Which is what I find interesting. How do we so easily resolve the difference between natural language "here" and blogger "here"?

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