Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Linguistics Forum

I just discovered this forum called Linguistics Forum. I only looked at a few of the posts and I was underwhelmed, but I've never been a forum-kind-of-guy, so my opinion should be of minimal interest to those of you who utilize these resources. Just thought I'd pass it along.


Stephen said...

THE ALPHABET IS HIEROGLYPHIC. Here is my contribution: SOUP This word is a picture. The P is the spoon. The S is the steam rising from the soup. The U is the bowl or cup. And the O is the rim. Notice, also, that the word SPOON also has a picture of the spoon and it also has the word soup although it is spelled soop. Neat, check me out on google: Stephen Kellogg Brooks

L. said...

I, too, have been inspecting this forum...

There are a lot of...uneducated people running a muck inside (to be polite).

How frustrating.