Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blog Love, Italian Style

Sitemeter consistently shows referrals to my blog from the Italian language blog Taccuino di traduzione 2.0 which Google translates as Translation Notebook 2.0. Unfortunately, I lack Italian language skills, so I am unable to enjoy the blogs postings. But I thought I'd pass it along to any of you who may wish to indulge. The latest post has a great painting of the famed Algonquin Roundtable titled "A Vicious Circle" by Natalie Ascencios.

Meaning no offense to the superior original, but my lack of Italian drove me to Google translate the whole post. Reading this poor translation makes me want to run out, study Italian real quick, then read the rest of the blog:

We have waited months and months in sweet Titlepage pending, the site should offer conversations (and why not talk) passionate and fiery editorial on the latest news, a new model Algonquin Round Table, with videointerviste choirs, forums on different literary genres For readers who do not give up ever, a blog, reviews, reports, awards, cotillons and who knows what else.

All false promises. Although well prepared on the subject, the presenter (which surely read as a young Hamlet in jeans and black sweater, in some alternative theatre company) is uncomfortable in front of the camera (average training, anyone?), The writers guests look around terrified, set design probably is the work of a student to first weapons, the conversation is woody, boring and, above all, language, not to mention the editing of footage (used scissors?). A great sin. But this can only improve.



IMassardo said...

Thanks for posting about my blog. The Italian translation by Google is only 25% correct :-)

Isabella Massardo

Chris said...

Always happy to pass along a little blog recognition.

Hmmm, 25% correct, was that figure arrived at via BLEU metrics, hehe (I tried to come up with a better Machine Translation joke, but just couldn't)

Jason M. Adams said...

I think the biggest machine translation joke was just posting the machine translation itself. :)

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