Sunday, March 9, 2008

On Google Translations

Instead of commenting to my commenters regarding my post Blog Love, Italian Style, I decided to make this it’s own post –

In response to Jason’s acerbic comment “I think the biggest machine translation joke was just posting the machine translation itself. :)”,

I hereby reply thusly:

Don't be talkin' trash 'bout my precious Google translations; without them, I could never read the emails my Spanish friend Ana sends. Her English is worse than the Google translations, so I'll take Google (rimshot!).

And don't you think there is something poetic in the first line. I could see some 20th Century American poet like Wallace Stevens writing this:

We have waited months and months
In sweet Titlepage Pending,
The site should offer conversations
(and why not talk)
Passionate and fiery editorial
On the latest news, a new model
Algonquin Round Table

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