Monday, December 8, 2008


I moved back to California just about 6 weeks ago after spending about 15 years on the East Coast and I've noticed the frequency of the word "awesome" in my daily speech as skyrocketed ... ahhh, it's good to be home.


Jason M. Adams said...


Moving back for a job?

Chris said...

Dude, "dude" is a close second to "awesome". If you ever get a chance to see "Basketball", a movie by the South Park guys, they have an entire scene composed entirely of the word "dude". It's awesome!

Yep, I actually left NLP entirely. It was never my forte anyway. I'm a linguist. I just never had the training to contribute significantly. I was doomed to being a bit player in other people's drama, so I took a job at a marketing firm (gasp!) in the San Francisco Bay Area (close to my hometown). I get to do real linguistics here and I'm pretty happy.

Funny thing though, I was talking to one of our business guys about the possibility of using sentiment analysis as a product to offer companies to track their new brand names. I think there's a profitable application there.

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