Monday, August 30, 2010

Linguist List Jobs?

I can't be alone in thinking the new Linguist List Jobs page is horribly designed, can I? I mean, it's soooooo 1998, right?


CoffeeTeaLinguistics said...

Thoughts for improvements?

Notifications if certain search terms get updated. It needs to be full-width so the specialty category isn't bumped-up against everything else. I gotta say though, I like how simple it is for the most part.

Chris said...

Yeah, fair enough. Simplicity is good, but it also seems too busy at the same time. Do they really need to display the last three columns at all? Those could be embedded within the link.

Helen said...

It's nice to have this feedback. The idea behind rewriting the page was to make all the columns sortable. But I agree that the specialty field needs to be widened. We need to display Deadline, but maybe not 'Date posted.' Any other suggestions? I agree it looks dated but don't know what a non-dated columnar table would look like!
Helen Aristar-Dry (LINGUIST Moderator)

Chris said...

Helen, yeah, displaying columns online is a tricky problem. I just compared Monster, Google Jobs, and and they're all pretty ugly (nobody is worse than IBM jobs page though. Ugh, complete disaster).

What I find when I look at the Linguist List jobs page is that it only reaches to about 50% of the screen width in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. This scrunches up the info and makes the table cluttered and busy. You may not have much control over how a browser stretches your text, but it seems like this white space can be utilized. I'm not an HTML pro so I don't know how to fix this.

Also, I think it would be great if you could implement something like the Apple interface where an item zooms larger when it's moused-over. So I could use the mouse like a magnifying glass to roam over the entries and take a closer look at each one.

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