Sunday, August 29, 2010

reports of the death of the printed OED have been slightly exagerated

Just read a short article suggesting the OED illuminati are at least cognizent of the impending doom of the printed version of the OED. I vote yes (no one cares). I always hated that little magnifying glass. *fyi, I haven't figured out yet how to copy and paste links using droid x, so you'll have to surf for the article on your own. (Copying is easy, pasting not so much)

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Anonymous said...

Online resources have many shortcomings compared to print editions. For instance, type in 'hats' in the OED's search box and it tells you there's no such word; type in 'cats' and you're taken directly to the 'catmint' page (because cats-mint is an alternative spelling). More reasons why I won't be throwing away my collection of traditional dictionaries here:

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