Monday, December 20, 2010

language and thought votes

On the eve of the conclusion to Mark Liberman and Lera Boroditsky's debate at The Economist, there are two vote totals that are interesting to compare.

The obvious one is the lopsided results so far on the main question: Do you agree with the motion? Here, Boroditsky has a 77%-23% advantage. However, if you mouse-over each day's vote, it tells you how many yes's have switched to no and vice versa. The totals there are the near exact opposite: by a 5-1 margin yes's have switched to no. You are free to interpret this as you wish.

Unfortunately I don't see any raw totals for the number of people voting, so it's anyone's guess what proportion of votes the 6 changes represent (likely, a very small percentage).

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