Monday, December 20, 2010

digg's c**ktail

[UPDATE below)

I couldn't help but notice a story on Digg: Images of alcoholic drinks under the microscope from vodka c**ktails to pina colada. I checked the original Daily Mail story and saw that the word cocktail was not censored. I looked for other instances of cocktail on Digg's site and found that all instances look censored, except when the string c-o-c-k occurs in a user name, as the image below demonstrates:

This appears to be a candidate for unnecessary censorship. I sent an email to Digg asking them if this is intentional censorship or an inside joke within the site. I'll report any response (don't hold your breath).

[UPDATE: 3:01 Eastern)

Digg support did in fact reply, noting that it was a function of a profanity filter that can be turned off:

Hello ,
You see that because you have the profanity filter enabled.  To disable it just log in and go to:
--Digg Support

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