Sunday, December 19, 2010

the linguistics of the simpsons

The magnificent and admiral Snowclone X is the Y of Z made a surprise and instructive appearance on The Simpsons tonight*:

Marge -- Don't worry Lisa, you could still go to McGill, it's the Harvard of Canada.
Lisa --Anything that is the something of the something isn't the anything of anything...

Too true, Lisa, too true. It's never good to be the shadow of something else.

*This appears to have been a repeat of the 10-10-2010 episode MoneyBART (a nice allusion to Moneyball, btw).


Mike B. said...

One of my professors once called Vassar "a poor man's Princeton." I don't know that I want a poor man's anything, thank you.

Chris said...

I went to Chico State. I think that was the poor man's San Diego State.

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