Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fuck C++

Andrew Vos provides us with valuable data analysis of the correlation between programming languages and profanity:

The plan was to find out how much profanity I could find in commit messages, and then show the stats by language. These are my findings: Out of 929857 commit messages, I found 210 swear words (using George Carlin's Seven dirty words).

Oh, Python, beautiful Python ... no wonder the NLTK guys chose it as their NLP language of choice.


bulbul said...

Oh, Python, beautiful Python
Preach it, brother, preach it! Except you still can't use NLTK with 2.7, which is a bummer.

LOL@Ruby. A friend of mine (actually one of the Java gurus mentioned earlier) is currently forced to work with Ruby and I'm sure he will not be surprised by the results. He comments on Ruby and other related issues on his blog which is the most wonderful example of programming language induced profanity ever seen. Alas, it's Slovak only.

Brandon C. Loudermilk said...

Interesting, but I would like to see this broken down by age of programmer. There is likely some generational stuff going on here, for example: coders who "came of age" mid to late 90's would have a preference for OO languages, and would prefer languages such as java over C++, as you don't have to worry about memory de/allocation, etc. Or more trivially, preferring a language that one could type in rather than feeding punchcards.

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