Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the linguistics of 404 FILE NOT FOUND

A cute site providing humorous translations of the world's most frustrating search result. Personal favs:
  • American South - Ah cain't find th' page yer lookin' fer.
  • Australia - Strewth mate yer bloody page has shot through.
  • Blond - like omg! ur file has not been found, go paint ur nails and try back later, lol^^....I FOUND A QUARTER!
  • Cockney - No chance luv, carrnt find it neever.
  • Pirate - Haaarr, Lubber! I've sailed yon seas with toil and trial, and yet I cannot find ye file!
  • Pittsburghese - This page needs fixed n'at... it's all caddywhompus! Yinz needs look somewheres else.
  • Zombie - Arrgrg 404 BrAiNs aAAArrggh No ggrrgrh page brAiNz heRe BrAAAAIIINNSSSS!


Harry Campbell said...

"carrnt find it neever"

Sorry, but... wtf??

Chris said...

Yeah, I thought that one was a bit odd too. It ain't perfect. Can you suggest a more appropriate variation?

rhb said...

Not born THAT close to Mary le Bow, but 'ow abahrt:
"Yer bleedin' parsley an' sage ain't 'eer."

Warsaw Will said...

Ah canna find yon link page onywhere, juist a 404 page, an I mean the real McCoy. Are ye takin the piss?

For the London one how about - No chance luv, carrnt find it nowhere, can I?

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