Thursday, January 7, 2016

LSA 2016 Evening Recomendations

With the LSA's annual convention officially underway, I've thrown together a list of a few restaurants and bars within a short walking distance of the convention center that grad students and attendees might want to enjoy. My walking estimates assume you are standing in front of the convention center.

Busboys and Poets (4 blocks west at 5th & K) - A DC Institution. You will not be forgiven if you do not make at least one pilgrimage here.

Maddy’s Taproom (4 blocks east at 13th & L) - Good beer selection.

RFD Washington (4 blocks south at 7th & H) - Large bottled beer selection, good draft beer selection (food ain't that great).

Churchkey (6 blocks northeast at 14th & Rhode Island) - Officially, one of the best beer rooms in the US.

Stan's Restaurant (7 blocks east at L & Vermont) - Downstairs, casual. very strong drinks. Supposedly good wings (I'm a vegetarian, so I hold no opinion)

Daikaya - Ramen - Izakaya (7 blocks Southwest at 6th & G) - Upstairs bar can be easier to get into sometimes. It's a popular place.

Teaism, Penn Quarter (8 blocks south at 8th & G) - Great snack place mid-way to the national Mall. Large downstairs dining area. great place to have some tea, a snack, and catch up on conference planning.

There are, of course, lots of other places within a short walk. I recommend 14th street in general. 9th street has some good stuff, especially as you get closer to U, but it's a little sketchy of a walk.

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