Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama's Tango Conspiracy?

(screen shot from MSNBC's video)

Having nothing whatever to do with linguistics, nonetheless I feel compelled to report what seems like an entirely unreported snub by US President Barack Obama to the President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner. Watch MSNBC's video of the second photo shoot and you'll see Obama walk across the entire group to go shake hands with Canada's PM Stephen Harper (who missed the original shoot), but he passed right in front of Kirchner who raised her hand out to shake Obama's, but he ignored her entirely (creating a somewhat awkward moment), shook Harper's hand, then refused to make eye contact with Kirchner afterwords. I count that as two snubs.

Watch the video at Olbermann's "Countdown" site and at about 40 seconds in you'll see the moments I'm talking about. MSNBC's footage seems to be the only one with a wide enough angle to show the snubs.

The relevant frootage is here:
April 2, 2009; #5 "Obama meets the world press"

(psssst, this has nothing to do with anything; just random rumor mongering...which is fun, ya know...)

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